Security Assessments and Certifications

We care about security

DevUtils is trusted and used by many companies, enterprises, and independent developers around the world.

We have strict requirements to ensure security best practices are taken at every step of our development process:

  • Code review, code security audit
  • Periodic malware scan
  • Up-to-date dependency security patches
  • Penetration testing
  • Secure distribution channel
  • Vulnerability disclosure policy

DevUtils Privacy & Security

Here are some relevant information for your reference:

  • DevUtils is a downloadable software.
  • DevUtils doesn't store your data to DevUtils' server, all features work offline.
  • DevUtils doesn't need any special system permission to work.
  • DevUtils runs on macOS with a regular user permissions (not root) and does not have the permissions to make changes to the system configuration and behavior.
  • DevUtils doesn't require internet connection to work. The only features that need internet connection are:
    • Software auto-update (disabled by default)
    • Anonymous analytics data (can be disabled easily)
    • License key validation
  • DevUtils never log or send your data to anywhere, everything happen on the device stay in the device.
  • For more information, see our Privacy Policy

Assessments and Certifications

We are a small bootstrap company. At the moment, we don't have ISO/SOC documents/certifications. However, we can work with your team to provide necessary security assessments if needed.

Please send us an email to [email protected], we are happy to help.

Legal documents

If you are looking for other legal documents, please see: