Frequently Asked Questions

How does the license work?

The license is a perpetual license. One license key allows you to use the app indefinitely. You are also eligible for one year of free updates.
If you don't want to renew your license after one year, you can continue to use the last version of DevUtils that you have for as long as you want.
You can renew your license here with a 40% discount for another year of updates. That means the renew price is 60% of your purchase price (before discount) and won't be affected if the app price increases in the future. (e.g., $24 for the Basic License)

Can I change the license key to another computer after I activate it?

Yes. Just go to DevUtils > Preferences... > License > Unlink Device and follow the instruction. Or you can log in to License Manager with your purchase email. You will see all connected devices and unlink any device you want.

I bought a license via Bundlehunt and it’s expired?

The license on sale on Bundlehunt was the Basic License, which by default comes with 1 year of free updates.
By the time you read this, the license keys from the Bundlehunt sale are no longer compatible with the latest DevUtils version.
However, you can still use the DevUtils version you have purchased for as long as you want.
There is no expiration date.
Latest compatible version for Bundlehunt license keys: DevUtils 1.13.
Optionally, to receive another year of updates, you can renew your license by logging in to the License Manager. There is a 40% discount for renewal.
All DevUtils licenses are one-time purchases and come with 1 year of updates. The license renewal is optional, you can continue to use the app indefinitely without any problem.
For example, if you bought a license key for the version DevUtils 1.13, you can continue to use the license key with DevUtils version 1.13 forever.
The expiry date indicates that your license can no longer receive new updates after 1 year. This expiration time is applied for all DevUtils license types, including the ones from Bundlehunt.
For more information, please refer to the pricing page, Perpetual License page, and FAQs page.
If you still have questions, please contact support.

Is there any feature difference between the app versions from Direct Download, App Store, and Setapp?

No. All app features are the same.

I have lost my license key. How do I get it back?

Please login to the License Manager with your purchase email, you will get access to all DevUtils licenses you have purchased.

How to add more seats to my license?

Please login to the License Manager with your purchase email. You add as many seats (devices) to your license key as you want.

Can I download old versions of DevUtils?

Yes. Please go here: Changelog.