String Case Converter

Convert snakeCase to snake_case, kebab-case, etc. easily and conveniently without online tools. DevUtils.app allows you to quickly convert between string cases right in your macOS without any internet connection.
It supports popular naming conventions: snakeCase, PascalCase, kebab-case, etc.
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Quickly Convert Between String Cases

Activate the app by:
  • Press ⌃⌥⌘Space(Or your own customized hotkey, up to you)
  • Click to DevUtils icon in the status bar


Enter your input string in the input textbox. If you already have the string in your clipboard, just click the "Clipboard" button, and the tool will use the content in your clipboard as input.


The converted strings will be displayed in the output textbox on the right.
You can select the desired format for your output. The supported cases are:
  • camelCase
  • snake_case
  • PascalCase
  • kebab-case
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For people who work with Golang, the tool has an option to keep unique names and acronyms in uppercase, like ID, API, HTTP, etc.
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DevUtils can also help you with a lot of other tasks: Format JSON string, decode Base64, debug your RegExp, compare text diff, and many more. Click here to learn more and give it a try!