XML Beautifier/Minifier

Beautify or minify your XML source without online tools. DevUtils.app allows you to quickly format, beautify or minify an XML source code without any internet connection. It works with incomplete XML and also syntax highlight the source code.
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Quickly format, beautify, or minify an XML source

You can start to format, beautify or minify an XML source from anywhere in your macOS (terminal, in email, web browser,...). Activate the app by:
  • Copy text → Press ⌃⌥⌘Space(Or your own customized hotkey, up to you)
  • Copy text → Click to icon in the status bar
  • Select text → Right-click → "Inspect in DevUtils.app"(This menu appears after you install the app)


Enter your XML source in the left input textbox. You can also use the content of your clipboard as input, or load the XML from a file in your computer.


The tool will render the formatted source in the right text box. You can click "Copy" to copy the formatted source into your clipboard. The formatted source is also syntax highlighted.


Select the format you want in the select box in the top right corner. The currently supported formats are:
  • 2 spaces
  • 4 spaces
  • 1 tab
  • Minified

Also available on xmlbeautifier.app